Mike Kohm PT

Physical & Occupational Therapy Consulting for Hybrid Practices that take a blend of Insurance and Cash

About Mike Kohm PT

Mike Kohm PT is passionate about coaching PT and OT owners about growing their practices. I am a big believer in offering high quality health care, identify income streams, and helping you set up a successful practice. I have 25+ years of PT experience and love living in Colorado!

PT/OT Coaching

I’ve been in your shoes and understand the challenges of building a PT business. Together we can build a game plan to move your practice forward.

Business Strategy

Business strategy creates the blueprint you’ll take to build and expand your practice.

Organizational Effectiveness

Are you at the beginning of building your own practice, or a few years in? As an Owner, are you wearing too many hats and not being effective?

Website Design


Do you need help with your website? Would you like a website that is mobile friendly?


What truly is SEO? Is your website ranking on Google? Are customers finding your business?


What is the best method of payment for your business, Paypal, Stripe, Square? Is your method of payment HSA friendly?


How do you provide security to your site from hackers?

Content Creation

Is your website written so your client can relate to your services? or is it one long business card? Are you providing solutions for people's problems

Link Building

Is your website linking properly internally?, Can users easily navigate your information? How are your external links?

Mike Kohm PT

    I typically reply to all email inquiries within 24 hours.